Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny


A Brief Summary

After graduating from Louisiana Tech University in 2008 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Marketing, Jenny Colomb pursued a career in Marketing at an engineering consulting firm in the Greater New Orleans Area.  For six years she has worked for EDG, Inc. to build their brand, plan corporate events, and grow their marketing presence.  In 2012 she was presented with the unique opportunity to work with The Louisiana Marathon on their retail and marketing initiatives, this opportunity grew and she begin to work with The Louisiana Marathon on many parts of their business as an Event and Marketing Manager.

Jenny has also pursued freelance work with individuals and clients to help them effectively establish their marketing and communication goals by way of graphic design, web design, event planning and coordination, copy writing, branding, social media marketing and photography.

She will continue to pursue her current roles while building her photography, event and design studio that is Spill Love Creative, LLC.

A special Thank You to Karen Moreau, for all profile pictures on this site and other social media outlets.

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Kate Spade New York | Anthropologie Madewell | Free People | Jasmine Star | Promise Tangeman Lindsay Letters | Creative Live Restoration Hardware | Scriptura