Spill Love Defined

So What is Spill Love

A Serendipitous Sequence

The truth is, the words “Spill Love” came into existence as a serendipitous sequence of usernames, blog titles, and mad gab words that took more than a year to mash together.  After they were united, it became uniquely obvious that it was the first time these two words had come together (on the web). With a name like “Jennifer”, Jenny came to realize that this expression was her’s alone and she couldn’t help but embrace the idea of having a name that no one else shared.  Spill Love quickly spread to all parts of the web as “spilllove.” Spill Love on Twitter, Spill Love the blog, Spill Love on Instagram, and after five years of using this phrase as her screen name, her alias, when it came time to name her business, the name was an easy choice, Jenny (ahem, Spill Love) knew immediately what the name should be – Spill Love Creative.

With that being said, Spill Love represents a journey, an idea, and a mission.

  • Spill Love is a journey that involves finding what you love and pursuing that passion in life.
  • Spill Love is the idea that when you do what you love it spills over into every piece of your life and becomes contagious, making people want to be a part of it.
  • Spill Love is a mission to inspire other to share ideas and motivate one another so that good ideas become great accomplishments.